Monday, 4 April 2011

The Weekend

So what did everyone get up to on the weekend? It's Monday and all I can really think about is how much I in fact hate Mondays.  No surprise really, everyone generally hates Mondays as its the start of the work week, and I feel everyone hates work, or they should (yes more job hate). Oh and speaking of the job, you can now make that 5 people leaving, possibly 6.  Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship, and yes I obviously need to move on too.  Gotta update that old CV and just get to applying, *sigh* I hate looking for jobs, just the fact that two pieces of A4 paper are meant to signify my awesomeness is pretty hard to do.

Anyway, what did everyone do on the weekend?  If you're from the UK - it was Mothers day on Sunday, so happy Mothers day to all you mums out there.  We had the whole family come over and had a BBQ, it was lovely weather yesterday and like we normally do, we cook out tons of food and have plenty of leftovers. Of which, I obviously plan on eating tonight (om nom nom noms).  Oh! The best part of yesterday? One of my ma's friends brought their puppy over! I don't have a dog, though I wish I did, that puppy was amazing I held it and put it up on my shoulder and it just sat there all happy.  It was awesome.  Apparently it was really chilled out with me and stopped being so nervous too, though I felt that she was always like that... she didnt seem nervous at all when they told me to pick her up.

Anyway. It's Monday morning and I'm sleepy.  I've decided I'm going to do a "Picture of the day" from now on so when I post this later on there should be an image that made me laugh or whatever attached.  Hopefully you guys will dig it.

Much Love

Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fools, Yes Another Post On Another Blog About It

Hell yes I'm childish, and yes its April's fools day so we all know what that means, I'm going out and pranking people.  I'll be honest, I don't prank that well and most of the time especially in an office environment I'm pretty sure I could get in trouble for certain things that I wish I could do.  So I've decided to do the silly little things and hope people take it all for fun.

So what did I do?  Went round to everyone's desk, put a small post-it note under their mouse so it covers their reader and now unable to use it.  I know, childish, but totally awesome.  It kinda sucks that I won't be able to see their faces as I come in around 30minutes later and by then I hope they'd have figured it out, and yes I did totally set this all up last night before I left work, pranks need to be prepared bro.

Oh and the bigger one of the two, yes I only did two - no one else here pranks and thus I felt two was enough.  We got everyone to call our supervisor and say we were sick and not able to come in.  I say call, we all just sent him a text saying we couldnt come in. Understand, this is the entire department who serves on the front line of our business, awesome to say the least afterwards he was calling everyone to make sure what was going on and to double check if it were a prank or not.  Ah, good times.

On grander scales. If you haven't seen already:

Both amazing - also if you type in helvetica or comic sans into google it changes the font on the page to comic sans.  I seriously love you google.

Also who else follows the rule that it ends at midday? Anyone know why that rule was put in place?

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Work sucks, yeah buddy!

Now, I'm not usually one to complain, in fact I like to think I'm more in that team who just deals with it and trudges through all the crap that falls from the heavens. Yet, I now have to say that work officially blows. I understand that a jobs a job and that pretty much everyone in the world hates/dislikes their jobs. I feel this makes us united, work sucking is a  common denominator that makes us all have something in common that we can all talk about which allows us to be on the same playing field. That being said, I'm bored of it. Don't get me wrong, I work with some really cool people and they're awesome, the company however, well let's just say it could be better.

It would appear that we're stuck in a vicious cycle, and for those that don't know me, I loathe those.  The problem it would appear is that our team aren't the best out there. One would say that we need more training and that would work the best. Right now we have team members training new people and though this allows for "hands on experience" in the essence of actual training, this doesn't allow the person to actually learn or ask questions. So training makes sense right?  Well, apparently in my industry as soon as anyone gets training on anything you then start to look for another job and then take those skills with you. I guess that makes sense, you get trained up, serve your time and move onto a better position. That's how it's meant to work, obviously if everything was going great at your current job there's no need to but that's in an ideal situation. Well, they've ruled that out, so, what about getting paid for longer service, the longer you've been here the more money you should make.  I mean if you're helping to train the new people, that makes sense right?  Apparently not and we're given the two options of "like it or there's the door".  Great.  Just great.

Needless to say, I'm looking for a new job and actually trying to look for one, the company doesn't seem to care about its employees at all, so I don't care about it either.  Don't get me wrong, I serve the people so every time I speak to them, they have no idea of the eternal struggle that is working for my company.  But know this, I'm moving on.

Friday, 21 January 2011


So the question today is, do I, or do I not re-up WoW. I mean the games fun and I've yet to level my actual main to 85. The real question is, do I want to do it again. I play WoW for one main reason, the community. Yet if I'm honest, I've not met that many people I've been able to have a lasting relationship with.

I guess that's the whole purpose/deal with that game. I seek to make some sort of relationship, an ever lasting bond. A group of people I'd like to actually spend time with and actually play alongside with. I guess that means I need to find a guild and take part in forums and other deals they'd expect of me. I guess one more shot is always worth it and if it doesn't work out I can then not worry so much about it and move on.

We'll see, I've yet to actually make a decision properly yet. If I do, I'll level my main who is a Night Elf Druid, but my bud plays Horde so I'll probably switch him.  The biggest question now is that do I make a Troll or Tauren. Either way I probably won't like them, as both I generally dislike. As a healer, I'll have to stay in that form too unless I use tree :( That or I can do dps or tank.  Which tbh seems to be the way I'm leaning now.

Let's get things rolling

So I guess its about time I actually starting posting things on here. I've been meaning to start this for a while and to be honest I've always stopped myself. I guess you can say I've been worried that things wouldn't pan out the way I wanted and I always thought it could be amazing.

So now that it's the new year I've decided to forget the small things and just do what I enjoy doing. So here I am posting random things and all that stuff I want to actually talk about. I'll post all my other links and what not when in a bit, as I feel I'm just going to start posting anything and everything I think about.

So this is, putting myself out there for the internet to see and judge, what's up with you guys?