Friday, 21 January 2011


So the question today is, do I, or do I not re-up WoW. I mean the games fun and I've yet to level my actual main to 85. The real question is, do I want to do it again. I play WoW for one main reason, the community. Yet if I'm honest, I've not met that many people I've been able to have a lasting relationship with.

I guess that's the whole purpose/deal with that game. I seek to make some sort of relationship, an ever lasting bond. A group of people I'd like to actually spend time with and actually play alongside with. I guess that means I need to find a guild and take part in forums and other deals they'd expect of me. I guess one more shot is always worth it and if it doesn't work out I can then not worry so much about it and move on.

We'll see, I've yet to actually make a decision properly yet. If I do, I'll level my main who is a Night Elf Druid, but my bud plays Horde so I'll probably switch him.  The biggest question now is that do I make a Troll or Tauren. Either way I probably won't like them, as both I generally dislike. As a healer, I'll have to stay in that form too unless I use tree :( That or I can do dps or tank.  Which tbh seems to be the way I'm leaning now.


  1. Wow consumed 2 years of my life. The only way I was able to quit was by giving away all my acct details to a random but nice person i met in wow who's husband wanted to play but they werent sure about getting a second account. Made them change all the details and promise never to contact me again then i deleted their address. Havent played for the last 4 years although i still get the odd craving. I would never restart.