Thursday, 31 March 2011

Work sucks, yeah buddy!

Now, I'm not usually one to complain, in fact I like to think I'm more in that team who just deals with it and trudges through all the crap that falls from the heavens. Yet, I now have to say that work officially blows. I understand that a jobs a job and that pretty much everyone in the world hates/dislikes their jobs. I feel this makes us united, work sucking is a  common denominator that makes us all have something in common that we can all talk about which allows us to be on the same playing field. That being said, I'm bored of it. Don't get me wrong, I work with some really cool people and they're awesome, the company however, well let's just say it could be better.

It would appear that we're stuck in a vicious cycle, and for those that don't know me, I loathe those.  The problem it would appear is that our team aren't the best out there. One would say that we need more training and that would work the best. Right now we have team members training new people and though this allows for "hands on experience" in the essence of actual training, this doesn't allow the person to actually learn or ask questions. So training makes sense right?  Well, apparently in my industry as soon as anyone gets training on anything you then start to look for another job and then take those skills with you. I guess that makes sense, you get trained up, serve your time and move onto a better position. That's how it's meant to work, obviously if everything was going great at your current job there's no need to but that's in an ideal situation. Well, they've ruled that out, so, what about getting paid for longer service, the longer you've been here the more money you should make.  I mean if you're helping to train the new people, that makes sense right?  Apparently not and we're given the two options of "like it or there's the door".  Great.  Just great.

Needless to say, I'm looking for a new job and actually trying to look for one, the company doesn't seem to care about its employees at all, so I don't care about it either.  Don't get me wrong, I serve the people so every time I speak to them, they have no idea of the eternal struggle that is working for my company.  But know this, I'm moving on.