Monday, 4 April 2011

The Weekend

So what did everyone get up to on the weekend? It's Monday and all I can really think about is how much I in fact hate Mondays.  No surprise really, everyone generally hates Mondays as its the start of the work week, and I feel everyone hates work, or they should (yes more job hate). Oh and speaking of the job, you can now make that 5 people leaving, possibly 6.  Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship, and yes I obviously need to move on too.  Gotta update that old CV and just get to applying, *sigh* I hate looking for jobs, just the fact that two pieces of A4 paper are meant to signify my awesomeness is pretty hard to do.

Anyway, what did everyone do on the weekend?  If you're from the UK - it was Mothers day on Sunday, so happy Mothers day to all you mums out there.  We had the whole family come over and had a BBQ, it was lovely weather yesterday and like we normally do, we cook out tons of food and have plenty of leftovers. Of which, I obviously plan on eating tonight (om nom nom noms).  Oh! The best part of yesterday? One of my ma's friends brought their puppy over! I don't have a dog, though I wish I did, that puppy was amazing I held it and put it up on my shoulder and it just sat there all happy.  It was awesome.  Apparently it was really chilled out with me and stopped being so nervous too, though I felt that she was always like that... she didnt seem nervous at all when they told me to pick her up.

Anyway. It's Monday morning and I'm sleepy.  I've decided I'm going to do a "Picture of the day" from now on so when I post this later on there should be an image that made me laugh or whatever attached.  Hopefully you guys will dig it.

Much Love